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Pets Add: Life, Comfort, Fun, Companionship, Cuddles, Adulting Skills, Cardio, LOLz, Good Vibes, Health, Happiness...

To accomplish APPA’s goal of supporting the pet industry; and its members, in addition to other strategies, we recommended APPA launch its first nationwide, consumer-facing campaign to share the joys and benefits of pet ownership, grow responsible pet ownership; and educate pet owners and potential pet owners on the proper care of companion animals.

So, we conceived Pets Add Life or PAL. Pretty much says it all! Since PAL is a product of a not-for-profit, we wanted to keep APPA’s dollars in-check! So, we’ve kept most of the campaign online, (and have been pretty good at it), creating content that is engaging and sharable on all the ever-evolving popular social media channels (check out our new TikTok account!).

Every step of the way, each and every identified target audience, every single powerful and persuasive message, all societal human and pet considerations- every strategic move within this campaign has been based on research. Affinity over Ability. Acquisition over just Adoption. Messages that evolve for Gen X, Millennials and now our target of the newest generation of pet owners — Gen Z.

A Pet Sees You

For the first time in four generations, love, fun and companionship weren’t the leading drivers to pet ownership. For Gen Z, sadly, it’s for emotional support and comfort from school pressure, depression, bullying and social isolation. And, this research was conducted BEFORE the pandemic. Based on these findings, we departed from our usual humorous and light-hearted videos and content and created an emotionally charged video that tackled the tough issues this new generation of pet owners is dealing with; and how pets can help. We enlisted the help of a Gen Z director to make sure our video was authentic and resonated with this audience.

We are currently working with four additional Gen Z directors to create a new COVID version of ‘A Pet Sees You’ that incorporates the new, additional challenges for this generation including: mental health, school cancellations and restructuring, rescinded job offers, political tensions, racial injustice and COVID-19.

Pet Wow Quarantine Edition

We started with an app that replaced your everyday annoyances with a pet. It was hugely successful, so we created a Quarantine Edition. Endless dishes, organizing, boredom, video meetings, bad hair, homemade everything… you name it, you can replace it with an adorable pet!

Find Your Match

We partnered with PetFinder, the largest online resource for available adoptable pets, to incorporate a petfinder feature on the Pets Add Life website. Then, we developed a video that spoofs 90’s dating service commercials called Find Your Match. Of course, the perfect match is always a pet! Within the first 24 hours we exceeded our API lead limit to PetFinder and had to increase it to over 10,000 a day!

A recent addition to the Pets Add Life website, last year we developed a series of quizzes to help pair people with the right pet for them that have been hugely successful.

From laughs — a lot of those — to sometimes tears, we know what pets mean.

Want to add pets to your life?

Get a Pet

The Results

The PAL website receives millions of visitors each year. Nearly a half-million people took one of our pet quizzes over the past 12 months. We have over 1 million followers on Facebook. Our videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times. Our new TikTok channel is taking off. We send thousands of people to Petfinder each month. Awards and accolades to boot. Bottom line? Pet ownership is on the rise.

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