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Have You Met My Therapist?

Because of its top-notch education and evaluation, commitment to infection control, emphasis on animal welfare and more, Pet Partners is considered the gold-standard when it comes to registering therapy animals. Many hospitals, rehabilitation centers, airports and schools only work with Pet Partners. With that, branding for not only Pet Partners Corporate, but also its volunteer therapy animal handler groups across the country, needed to match that professional commitment and rise above the standards of other organizations.

In an effort to garner earned media coverage and social media buzz, we have developed individual marketing campaigns supporting each of Pet Partners’ very important special initiatives such as Read with Me, Walk with Me, We Are All Ears and World’s Largest Pet Walk. For these programs we are continuously creating new marketing materials, engaging audiences across social platforms and creating buzz among the media.

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get from your best friend, your beloved pet, and making a difference in the lives of others by sharing your pet with them. We’ve worked diligently and consistently to amplify that messaging through the stories of Pet Partner handlers nationwide and encourage others to consider therapy animal work.

The Results

We developed a brand pyramid for Pet Partners corporate and have since rebranded nearly 100 of the Pet Partners Community Partners across the country in order to better align with these guidelines and maintain consistent standards and branding within these local communities.

We consistently secure national media coverage positioning Pet Partners as the gold standard in the field as well as amplifying local Pet Partners’ handler stories. The volume is high and major news outlets include: NY Times, People Pets, Reuters, Healthline, Bustle, ABC News, Washington Post and more. This earned media coverage has resulted in over one billion people reached and more than $20 million in publicity value.

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