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Is America Running Out of Dogs?

With some evidence that there was a shortage of dogs in the country, the Pet Leadership Council set out to determine exactly the landscape of U.S. dog ownership. The organization commissioned a landscape assessment that found there are not enough dogs to fill demand. Five-and-a-half million short to be precise.

With many people sharing the perception that there are enough dogs in shelters and with an adopt don’t shop mentality, The PLC turned to the Impetus Agency to tackle this very sensitive issue. First, we set out to simplify a lot of data and make it digestible for consumers — how many dogs enter shelters, where they go, where people get dogs — friends & families, shelters, rescues, breeders — how many dogs are needed each year and more. We also needed to educate consumers on how to responsibly get a dog regardless of the source.

To help with our media coverage pickup and provide this information in a visual format, we created an infographic.

We also developed a whiteboard video for use on supporter websites and social media channels.

We promoted these assets through all PLC supporters communication channels and distributed a press release and the infographic to our proprietary media lists as well as over the wire and paid placement.

The Results

We received widespread media coverage including in The Washington Post.

Overall reach: 134,332,700.

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