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Pets have helped us cope with the pandemic by easing stress, fighting depression and loneliness, giving us reasons to exercise and play, and just being great companions. Because of this, fostering and adoptions during the quarantine were at an all high time. As stay-at-home orders began lifting, America’s pet care community was concerned that many of these pets would be surrendered as people head back to work. So leading associations enlisted The Impetus Agency to help educate consumers on how to keep their pandemic pet, or responsibly rehome it.

We knew this topic was relevant, current, topical and newsworthy, so we focused a lot of our efforts on traditional media coverage. We drafted a press release with key tips and sent it to our media contacts. We also distributed the release over the wire and through paid placements.

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To further secure placement, we created an infographic to display the tips in a visual format along with a short video for social media and websites. We created social media posts with hashtags, blog posts and newsletter articles for distribution through the four associations’ communication channels.

The Results

The press release and infographic were viewed over 317 million times. That’s an ad value of $400,000! Our spend for paid placement was just $4,500. All four associations shared the information, infographic and video with their thousands of members. They all shared on their social media channels. While it’s too soon to tell, we hope pets that found homes during the pandemic get to stay.

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