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  • Finalist in Artificial Intelligence Shorty Social Good Awards
  • Best Overall Campaign PRSA


  • Research
  • Consumer Facing Campaign
  • Website
  • Interactive Pet Bird Matching Quiz
  • Bird Locator
  • Avian Vet Locator
  • Care Tips
  • National Pet Bird Holiday
  • Traditional media and bylines
  • Social Media and Influencer Engagement
Helping Pet Bird Ownership Soar

A group of pet bird product and service suppliers came together to grow bird ownership which had been declining. We started by conducting research to identify our target audience and the messages that were the most powerful and persuasive to encourage the acquisition of a bird.

From there we developed a consumer facing campaign called MyBird. We started with a fun and engaging quiz designed to pair respondents with the right bird species for their lifestyle.

We added additional elements to enhance the website including a bird locator, an avian vet locator and care tips for consumers.

We built and managed accounts across all social media platforms and engaged with relevant influencers.

In addition, we wrote columns and op/eds in industry media outlets.

We created a national holiday to celebrate pet bird ownership, National Pet Bird Day and registered it with holiday calendars. Now in its second year on September 17th, we expect big results by engaging national retailers countrywide.

The Results

Since its inception just a few short years ago, myBird has received more than 2.7 million pageviews and generated over 1 million bird recommendations. We have close to a quarter million followers on Facebook.

Demand for pet birds is once again on the rise.

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