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Recognizing there was anecdotal evidence that pets were good for human health but more needed to be done, the American Pet Products Association, Zoetis (then Pfizer) and Petco banded together to fund and create the world’s largest online library of human-animal interaction (HAI) science showing pets are good for human health. Since then, they have grown the library to nearly 30,000 entries, the number of HABRI supporters to 30 and have funded more than $3 million in research.

HABRI founders turned to the Impetus Agency to create a brand for this new organization. From what started as a simple PowerPoint presentation explaining the organization’s mission to gain additional funding and support, to its illustrative logo, and to today over a decade later, HABRI being quoted in almost every article written about the human-animal bond, we have managed all aspects of HABRI’s marketing since its inception.

The Pet Effect

While we can’t claim ownership to the brilliant creative concept known as The Pet Effect — effectively rebranding the human-animal bond to consumers — we have embraced, loved and promoted this campaign and its amazing creative through all of HABRI’s communication channels including its newsletter, social media channels and through traditional media. We have also encouraged and helped all of HABRI’s supporters do the same.


Through the research HABRI funds, we are able to distribute press releases when RFP’s are issued, when research finalists are selected and when the findings of a study comes out. Then, we are able to perpetually offer those findings to a mass variety of news subjects related to the human-animal bond.

Expert Resource

With its extensive library of research, and its exemplary Executive Director Steve Feldman who is very experienced with the media, we have been able to help amplify his role as a leading expert in the human-animal bond and human-animal interaction. We constantly monitor Help A Reporter Out (HARO) inquiries. We secure and assist with drafting op-eds. We proactively pitch Feldman as a resource. We also work with the researchers, scientists and doctors conducting HABRI-funded research to provide expert opinions and quotes to the media.

Social Isolation Summit

Last year, HABRI and Mars co-hosted the first-ever Summit on Social Isolation and Companion Animals in Washington, DC. The Summit engaged experts and stakeholders in advancing scientific research, sharing best practices, and overcoming societal barriers to facilitate the vital role of companion animals and human-animal interaction (HAI) in addressing the crisis of social isolation and loneliness. They turned to The Impetus agency for all their traditional and social media needs.


We received widespread media coverage including in Forbes, USA Today, and MSN.

Total Reach: 117,384,771

Ad value equivalency: $1,085,809.12

Pet Night on Capitol Hill

In an effort to shed light on important legislation impacting pets and recognize elected officials championing responsible pet bills, HABRI along with other supporting groups, organized Pet Night on Capitol Hill. Working in conjunction with Animal Health Institute to combine the cutest pet on Capitol Hill awards along with HABRI’s Pets’ Best Friends Awards recognizing elected officials who champion good pet legislation.

These groups looked to The Impetus Agency to oversee the traditional and social media for this important event.


We received widespread media coverage including SF Gate, Dogster and Vet Practice News.

Total Reach: 38,913,244

Ad value equivalency: $359,947.47

Due to COVID-19, we are currently working with HABRI to develop the first-ever virtual Pet Week on Capitol Hill. Stay tuned — launching September 8th on petnight.com!

The Results

Last year HABRI was mentioned in nearly 3,000 pieces of media coverage. Reach was 1.1 billion. That’s billion. Just last year. The ad equivalency of that coverage is $10.4 million. It was all earned. Due largely to our marketing efforts on behalf of HABRI, the human-animal bond was mentioned more times in 2019 than during any time in history. We have over a quarter-million followers on Facebook and more than 2,200 on LinkedIn. There is now a certification in the human-animal bond. The human-animal bond and the science that supports it is now widely accepted.

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