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Assisi Animal Health has used science and technology to helps pets with anxiety. They are the only FDA-cleared company that uses targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMF™) medical devices that provide relief for a range of painful and inflammatory conditions affecting specific issues. Primarily used by veterinarians, these devices were not available to pet owners unless they received it through their veterinarian.

Assisi turned to The Impetus Agency for the launch of the Calmer Canine device which specifically targets Canine Separation Anxiety(CSA) in pets. They created a quiz that can help pet owners determine if a pet has CSA. The device would now be available for purchase directly from the website without a veterinarian. As their “consumer friendly” brand, we established Facebook and Instagram accounts and created a branding document to ensure that all messaging and images were consistent.

To increase brand awareness and product sales, we started an influencer program. Through research and vetting over 200 influencers, we were able to find dogs specifically with separation anxiety who reviewed the product on their channel. From the initial outreach to content review, we managed the influencer program from start to finish.

The Results

The Calmer Canine influencer program tracked link clicks and we were able to help with establishing the Calmer Canine ambassador program through these influencer partnerships. We also helped in capturing over 100 photos and video submissions through these partnerships that we could repurpose on social media.

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