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Promotion of APPA’s National Pet Owners Survey and Annual Pet Industry Spending Report

Since 1988, APPA has been collecting and publishing the pet industry's most comprehensive consumer research study about pet ownership, pet care practices, and pet product purchasing of owners of dogs, cats, fish, birds, small animals, reptiles and horses. This survey is the premier resource of its kind and is among the many benefits APPA members have access to. Additionally, APPA releases an annual industry spending report, with overall spending expected to reach nearly $100 Billion in 2021! Impetus is charged with strategically deploying this data to the media to further position the Association as the leading source of pet industry data.

Impetus uses this valuable data in media pitching, press releases and on the Association’s social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) and have garnered impressive results year after year. Reporters have come to rely on this data to enhance pet stories and turn to the Impetus Agency routinely to assist with acquiring and understanding industry data and trends.

National Pet Owners Survey


So far in 2020, data from the National Pet Owners Survey has been cited by nearly 1,000 media outlets, with 1,420 published articles, total reach of 701,190,072 and ad equivalency of $6,486,008. Highlights from 2020 include coverage in, San Francisco Chronicle, The Economist and the Associated Press, to name a few. Through our media relations efforts over the past 17 years, the Survey has been cited by nearly every major and local news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, USA Today and the TODAY Show.

Total Reach: 701,190,072

Ad value equivalency: $6,486,008

Industry Spending Report


Statistics from the Industry Spending Report have been featured in 1,043 articles with 750,035,347 total reach and ad equivalency of $6,937,828. Highlights include coverage in Fortune, Forbes, Ad Week, CNBC,, Washington Post, The Economist and the Associated Press.

Total Reach: 750,035,347

Ad value equivalency: $6,937,828

Maximizing Membership Benefits: Member Spotlight Series

Serving more than 1,100 members, APPA’s mission is to promote, develop and advance pet ownership and the pet product industry and to provide the services necessary to help its members prosper. Working with the Impetus Agency, PR opportunities are offered to APPA members throughout the year, including a Member Spotlight Series that was created with the intent to showcase members’ innovative products to consumers via press coverage.

Each month members are invited to submit relevant products for consideration to be included in themed press releases that highlight pet holidays and observances, national holidays, as well as relevant data points from APPA’s National Pet Owners Survey.

Monthly callouts are issued in the Association’s e-newsletter and the Impetus team then works with members on product images and descriptions. Press releases are distributed to thousands of media contacts, which has garnered valuable coverage for hundreds of members.


Since 2019, there have been an impressive 326 submissions from APPA members. More than 1,800 media outlets have covered the releases, with total reach coming in at an astonishing 413,443,129! Engagement with members has been fantastic and has further solidified how the benefits of APPA membership can set these companies on a path for success.

Total Reach: 413,443,129

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