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In this rapidly changing world, the way we do business is shifting, the way we market is quickly transforming. The one constant: evolve or become irrelevant. Here at The Impetus Agency, where we specialize in the pet care community, we get excited about change; about adapting and staying current with today’s technologies and techniques. We love to find new methods to ensure we are communicating with our clients’ customers in a way that is relevant to them — right now.

Pet Care Community Experts

There are a lot of good (and bad) agencies who can market a lot of things to a lot of people. But, in the pet care community, we aren’t just talking products and services, we are talking lives. The lives of pets and pet owners and how to make them better for both. With 20 years in the pet care community, we share the passion to enhance the human-animal bond and the lives we share with pets. We know how to responsibly care for pets; and we know how to best market products and services that achieve this. From non-profits and leading pet industry associations to product manufacturers and retailers large and small, our lives revolve around making people, pets, businesses and organizations within this particular pet space thrive.

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If you are in the pet care community and need marketing (which of course you do), we’re your go-to partners. Whether it’s improving and advancing your online presence and sales, making sure your product or service is top of mind or garnering positive attention at industry shows and in the media, we can make sure you rise above.

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Across the pet care industry, our work speaks for itself.

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Women Owned

We are proud to be a completely woman-owned business.

Owners Tierra Bonaldi and Julie Rowe have led the agency through its 20-year history. In addition to the many awards they have won for their clients, they have each earned their own for exceptional business acumen and charitable services.

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Pandemic Marketing

Are you finding more of your sales going online? Participating or planning to participate in virtual events? No need, we know the answer. You need quality product images, useful product demo videos, engaging social media, and influencer endorsements. You may also need virtual booth designs, live chat functions, webinars and social media lives, e-commerce platforms, contests and real time data reporting.

Whatever your virtual is, we got your reality.

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